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Car ownership is loosing its status. Mobility is being offered by various carsharing services which clients connect to via smartphone apps.

Over 25 years of know-how, experience and business success.

Based in Switzerland, we are driven by our commitment to quality and efficiency. And having been in the business for over 25 years, we have an established track record in providing know-how to the carsharing and fleet management business.

We are the technology provider for Mobility. Mobility offers the market leading and multi-model carsharing service in Switzerland.



We want Mobility to deliver unlimited mobility for future generations.

13. Mai 1987

13th May, 1987: 8 individuals established 'ATG', 'AutoTeilet Genossenschaft' (AutoTeilet Cooperative) and share one car.

Those years marked the start of public discussions around environmental problems. In the heart of Switzerland, 8 individuals needed a car, but did not really want to invest in a car each. They decided to buy one car for all of them: a red Opel Kadett Hatchback: the establishment of the ATG AutoTeilet Cooperative. The source of that name is the Swiss tradition of cheese sharing when eating a Swiss cheese fondue: 'Chästeilet' (cheese sharing). This should be associated with their demotic, collective and democratic idea.

Source: "CarSharing in der Schweiz", Werner Hadorn


For similar reasons, but completely independent from ATG, the '€žShareCom Cooperative' was established in Zürich only a few days later: 17 individuals started to share one car.

Over the years, first cooperations between ATG and ShareCom happened. This allowed for instance a cross use of services offered and technical innovations simplified the reservation process.

Source: "CarSharing in der Schweiz", Werner Hadorn, Picture: Adrian Streun




Consolidation of ATG and ShareCom: The new cooperative was called Mobility CarSharing.

10 years after that modest start, 17'400 customers shared 760 cars in a station-based model.

Source: "CarSharing in der Schweiz", Werner Hadorn


For the first time, MobiSoft, the software and technical platform Mobility applies, is used by a different Carsharing operator.

The organization DenzelDrive uses MobiSoft for their nationwide Carsharing operation in Austria. For the first time, a reservation via the internet is possible.


Establishment of the subsidiary Mobility Support Corporation.

Through the Mobility Support Corporation the Mobility know-how and the MobiSoft technology became accessible to interested parties on the international market.


Catalunya Carsharing (later Zipcar Carsharing S.A.U. ("Avancar")) in Barcelona invests in MobiSoft and successfully establishes a local Carsharing operation.


Mobility Carsharing manages 2'200 cars in various categories, shared among 80'000 people.

Source: "CarSharing in der Schweiz", Werner Hadorn


The first Mobility iPhone App goes life. The same year, the new datacentre in Zurich with a redundant system in Lucerne is put into operation.


MobiSoft is replaced by MobiSys.

MobiSys replaces the previous software platform. The SaaS solution MobiSys is the central application for the management and administration of fleet and operational data. Highly sophisticated automated workflows and interfaces to external applications cover the management of entire business processes.


Mobility in Switzerland has more than 1'380 stations and 2'650 cars shared between 105'100 users. MobiSys handles more than 2.2 million reservation movements within one year.

Source (picture): "CarSharing in der Schweiz", Werner Hadorn


One of our customers: Catch a Car, a free-floating Carsharing operation for public use relies on MobiSys in the first Swiss city (Basle) where they start to offer their services.


Mobility International becomes Mobility Systems + Services.

The new brand name says it all: 'systems' stands for innovative software solutions for Carsharing and fleet management providers, 'services' represents our philosophy to aim at a fair and successful business relationship with our customers. Based on years of Carsharing experience, we deliver professional know-how and consultancy.


One of our customers: A new continent, same requirements: a station-based Carsharing operation was setup in Asia Pacific, using MobiSys to handle the entire operation.


Exchange of data between MobiSys and multi-modal mobility platforms: an application programming interface (API) is setup to increase our clients' visibility on their local mobility providers' market. By now, MobiSys handles 2.6 million reservation movements per year for Mobility Carsharing and raises their e-business quota to 94% with a system availability of 99,9%.


MobiSys for Fleet.

This separate MobiSys Module is specifically designed for Fleet Managers. Also Catch a Car extends their services to a second city in Switzerland: Geneva.


OneWay: MobiSys added capability of managing journeys from A to B.

Two new customers in Europe are using MobiSys as station-based and one-way-model to handle the operation.


Interative development following SCRUM.

Scootersharing with MobiSys means mixing freefloating and station based.


The global mobility market is developing rapidly.

Mobility is again the central focus of our expertise and support.

Global mega-trends: Urbanisation + sustainability.

More people living in cities are looking for convenient,
sustainable and affordable ways of getting around.