Discover MobiSys
for Carsharing operators

MobiSys for Carsharing operators

MobiSys is a cloud computing solution designed as a multi-tenant platform. Customers, employees, and external services use designated front-end applications to interact with the services offered. Additionally, MobiSys provides a rich interface with external applications, such as accounting software or output management software.

Mobility Systems + Services'€™ agile development method allows a continuous development of MobiSys with regular updates.

The technical features of MobiSys

The MobiSys solution provides an administration portal that contains all features necessary to support the business operations. The large variety of tasks that a car sharing operator has to fulfil is captured through different users'€™ roles. The application plays a central role in the administration and management of the car sharing business data and hence must support a large variety of features.

The range of features available to an authenticated user must conform to their user role. As an example, a call centre agent needs editing rights for customer data and reservations but should not be able to add new rental stations or rental objects.

A white-labelled, fast, secure and user friendly interface that can easily be integrated into your website. To make his reservation in a station-based module, a customer searches for his vehicle based on time, station and type of vehicle. A map-based search is also directly accessible via the public zone. Specific reservation templates and series reservations can be set by the customer in case of frequent usage. In the free-floating module, the web portal displays the geo zone and the map-based search will show all available vehicles.

In case of electric vehicles, the energy level will be indicated. The customer has an option to block the vehicle until pick-up and can use an integrated route planning to get to the right location. Editing rights enable the user to change personal information, change or extend subscriptions and edit his credit card payments. The user can see his or her payment history and use a feedback form to react on positive or negative experiences made.

Applications supported are iOS, Android, Mobile Web.

The urgent information to quickly get to the vehicle needed is always at hand. This includes a description of the vehicle, the station, a map-based route to the station with an option to reserve, a direct connection to the call centre and a feedback button to comment on the vehicle.

In the free-floating module, the geo zone is also displayed and the customer can block the vehicle until pick-up. A countdown will show the time left and it is also possible to extend the countdown. To quickly find the closest vehicle available, a '€œshake'€ function is integrated in the station-based module and the user can edit current and future reservations.

The call centre employee can basically do anything to ease the customer experience and support a customer in case of difficulties before, during or after a ride.

Some of the possibilities include:

  • A map-based search for stations and vehicles
  • A list of available alternatives nearby
  • A fleet cockpit showing all vehicles and their status
  • A graphical timeline showing existing reservations
  • Options to compare prices of rental objects and car rental partners
  • Just as a customer, the employee can conduct serial reservations and use reservation templates
  • It also possible to set frame reservations for business customers with specific rates
  • To support service personnel, it is possible to create reservation blocks
  • It is always possible to block the rental object entirely
  • A remote control of the on-board computer is part of MobiSys

In MobiSys a customer service employee has a direct overview of all customer-relevant information. To ease customer relationship management tasks, it is possible to handle multiple postal and direct addresses (private and business). Customer service can even edit messages to subscribers as pop-up on the Web Portal or the App. When registering new customers, an automatic address and credit check can also be setup.

When it comes to output management, MobiSys offers multilingual output options. Automatic mailing options via post, e-mail or SMS are available, as well as an interface with a printer for automatic printing jobs.

The most relevant task of the customer service is the subscriptions management.

MobiSys offers a large variety of possibilities. Some of those are

  • Several subscriptions under one user: business and private subscription
  • Customised contract and subscription options for B2B and B2C contracts
  • Limited subscription duration
  • User group-specific promotions for customers
  • Individual payment and cancellation rules
  • Discounts or special rates
  • Flexible creation of rates and tariffs that can be adapted per rental object
  • Controlled usage in case of outstanding accounts

MobiSys can interface with your accounting system to handle all accounting-specific tasks and it also interfaces with an external PSP. However, MobiSys is the leading system and allows to administer customer credits or manages for instance advance cash deposits (account management on the invoice).

MobiSys also allows to invoice various types of service items and discounts. Invoices are produced through output management and credits and debit amounts can be recorded. Loans or time deposits can be administered.

It is always possible to execute extended searches and export the results for further processing. With MobiSys however, a set of the most important KPI reports can be delivered and visualized on KPI dashboards.

Data cubes allow dimensional data analytics. and it is even possible to setup a self service BI for individual and independent use. MobiSys has capabilities for big data integration projects.