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for Fleet management

MobiSys for fleet management operators

The technical features of MobiSys

The MobiSys solution provides an administration portal that contains all features necessary to support the business operations. The application plays a central role in the administration and management of the fleet management business data and hence must support a large variety of features.

The range of features available to an authenticated user must conform to their user role.

  • Possible to integrate all types of objects (e.g. car, bike, boat, charging station, tyres, accessories)
  • Rental objects classification
  • Maintenance of technical details, manuals, document attachments
  • Extended search capabilities for fleet objects
  • Life-cycle management of fleet objects
  • TCO total cost of ownership tracking down to the fleet object
  • Registration and tracking of vendor-/supplier-invoices down to the rental object and connectable to a supplier order
  • Workflows (ad hoc or planned/recurring) for all types of fleet management and maintenance
  • Automated interval handling of maintenance tasks
  • Administration of fleet management contracts
  • Field management
  • Integrated vehicle service management
  • Bulk importing of data such as vehicles, manufacturer data, sales/service items
  • Car maintenance and accident/ damage management incl. quick registration, visualisation, documentation, workflows, overviews, insurance partner communica­tion, invoicing and repair ordering
  • Fixed rental objects carriers to allow ex­change of damaged vehicle
  • Overview of all past damage or accidents
  • Tablet usage by field service staff
  • Structuring and management of fleet operations organisations incl. assignment of areas/duties/activities
  • Integrated vehicle service management
  • Automated interval handling of maintenance tasks
  • Flexible management of parking and car locations
  • Internal and external locations
  • Setting substitute stations to be proposed when there is no car at the selected station
  • Administration of contracts for station management, e.g. rental agreement
  • Easy map-based creation of geofence zone
  • Easy map-based modification of a geofence zone
  • Allocation of rental objects to a zone
  • Tracking of vehicles via GPS is possible
  • Fleet cockpit: display of position, energy level and state of fleet object in real time
  • Quota: vehicle allocation optimised
  • Planning and procurement of vehicles
  • Assessment of demand based on run-time and kilometres
  • Easy in-fleeting by mass upload of vehicles ordered
  • Detailed replacement planning of used cars with new vehicles
  • Reallocation of existing vehicles
  • New vehicles allocation
  • Replacement allocation
  • Integrated vehicle selling/car remarketing
  • Separate administration of pool cars including contracts, vehicles, employees, subscriptions
  • Mass upload of employees
  • Cost allocation of booked services
  • Management of employees via responsive Web design: registration, adaption, blocking and deletion of employee'€™s data
  • Invoicing of trips