MobiSys for Catch a Car

"Catch a Car" is the first free-floating carsharing service offering in Switzerland. Catch a Car operates without dedicated parking stations. Members can locate and book a "Catch-Car" using their smart phone or the website, and use it to make a spontaneous journey from A to B. At the end of the journey they park the car within the Catch-Car-Zone in any public parking space where a resident's parking permit is valid. Payment is based entirely on the duration of the journey. Fuel, insurance and the parking space are included. This that there are no additional costs or annual fees. Vehicles are located and their correct usage is monitored using GPS.

This carsharing solution is operated on the basis of the MobiSys Software. MobiSys has proven its value to the Swiss station-based carsharing offer of Mobility car sharing.  The following case study tells you everything you need to know about the software-related challenges and solutions of the pilot project, which was launched in Basle in 2014 and continued for 2 years.                          

At the end of those 2 years, the Catch a Car Operation had more than 5'000 customers using the free-floating carsharing offer. According to an ETH study, which analysed the effects of free-floating carsharing during the entire pilot phase, one Catch-Car replaced four privately owned cars. 

The successful pilot encouraged Catch a Car to extend its offering the Swiss City of Geneva in November 2016.