How we do it

Josef Willi (Operations Manager)

Based on 25 years of business experience

Our story started in 1987, when carsharing companies AutoTeilet Genossenschaft and ShareCom entered the Swiss market, running on our software from day one. Ten years later, they merged to form Mobility Car Sharing. The rest is history.

Today, with over 127,300 customers and 2,900 vehicles at 1,460 locations throughout the country, Mobility is by far the largest carsharing operation in Switzerland, using the most sophisticated software available - MobiSys. For Mobility car sharing Switzerland, MobiSys handles over 2.6 million reservations a year.

So when you come to us, you aren't just buying software.

You’re buying over 25 years of know-how, experience and business success.

The road map to successful mobility services
Step by Step

Leaning on our milestone technology method, we integrate you right from the start and like to use a roadmap as a tool combining commercial and technical tasks on a very high level.

  1. 1. Prequalification
  2. 2. Decision
  3. 3. Requirements & Offer
  4. 4. Proposal & Negotiations
  5. 5. Pre-Development Assessment
  6. 6. Contract
  7. 7. Customisation
  8. 8. Implementation & Pilot
Lena Leppert (Lead Software Development and Support) and Jonas Nissen (Software Development)

Serious about growth and shaping the future

The difference between Mobility Systems + Services and other software providers is that we're in the market because we want to be, not because we have to be.

We’re passionate about growth, and sharing our success. We believe in clever business ideas and want to help you put them into action.

To make this happen, we never stop improving our products. We use agile development methods with regular release milestones. We work in close collaboration with our technical partners and always make sure that the user story is at the heart of the product.