The ideal solution
to connect drivers
and passengers

Ridesharing with IntegRide

The technical features

  • Multilingual operator portal
  • 2 native apps (iOS and Android)
  • Basic branding
  • Integration into Carsharing possible or independent Ridesharing
  • Connection to Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • Cloud solution
  • Secure data storage
  • Secure communication
  • P2P and professional drivers supported

Optional Carsharing Integration

  • Registration shortcut via carsharing membership
  • Offer a ride with the carsharing booking or with your private car
  • Synchronise carsharing and ridesharing customer numbers
  • Create, edit, delete/disable users
  • Complete customer overview
  • Refund, credit voucher, reset password, no-show fee, delete customer and customer picture, history
  • List of points of interests (stations)
  • Fixed pick-up locations
    (to be defined with operational go-live)
  • Business parameter overview and management


  • Credit card management
  • Cost per ride
  • Receipt via email
  • Direct cash transfer (stripe connect)
  • Payment directly after booking ride (distance-based pricing), credit on stripe account


  • Journey costs shown prior to ride both to driver and passenger
  • Cancellation costs shown directly to driver and passenger

Document Management

  • System-generated invoices
  • Sent via email (receipt via email)
  • Payment directly after booking ride (distance-based pricing) credit on stripe account

Reporting / BI

  • BI analysis and reporting features

Offer a Ride (driver)

  • Change minutes time frame to add passenger before departure
  • Usage of train stations or other points of interest as start and end points
  • State number of seats to be offered
  • Safe private vehicle information
  • Immediately see fare to be earned per passenger
  • New recurring trip creation
  • Push notification

Search a Ride (passenger)

  • Change minutes time frame to know about a ride before departure
  • Promo codes possible
  • Indicate number of seats requested
  • See fare to be paid to driver
  • New recurring trip creation
  • Push notification

Driver in-app Dashboard

  • Overview of upcoming rides
  • Driver detail screen
    • Contact driver via phone
    • Show selected car
    • Show price per passenger
    • Edit ride offered

Passenger in-app Dashboard

  • Overview of future rides as passenger
  • Passenger detail screen
    • Contact driver via phone
    • Price per trip
    • Vehicle information