The turnkey solution
for a running start of
your carsharing services

Fast and flexible Carsharing

The technical features of MobiMate

  • Flexible and feature-rich platform designed to be launched quickly for carsharing
  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Completely configurable system putting you in total control

Customer Management

  • Effortless user management
  • Full oversight of customer booking and
    financial transaction history
  • Register, enable, support fine, ban, suspend and delete
  • Booking management on behalf of customer
  • Comments per customer


  • Basic Booking & Revenue Reports
    • High-level overview of revenue
    • High-level operational dashboard
  • Invoice Reports
    • Declined invoices
    • Search by member name/email
    • Filter invoices by status


  • Automatically process payments, bill customers
    at time of booking & collect payments
  • Supports split payments, issuing of refunds and
    instant payment collection
  • Payment gateway support

Different Rates & Fees

  • Late return fee
  • Cancellation fee
  • Membership fee
  • Hourly/daily fees
  • Per km charge

Vehicle hardware

  • Convadis, Invers and different
    hardware can be evaluated

iOS and Android native apps

  • Lock/unlock vehicle via the app possible
  • White-labelled for each Scheme
  • Different languages possible

Entire membership management via the app

  • Membership application via app
  • Member signup via app
  • Full reservation management via app