MobiSys for Mobility

Mobility is the most successful car sharing operator in Europe and the only one in the world to be continuously profitable over many years. One of the ingredients of the Swiss success formula is the consistent use of available public transport (trains, buses and trams). This combined strategy makes the Mobility business model extremely efficient and successful. However, this success would not be possible without software MobiSys.

Read in this case study how Mobility built up a successful car sharing business with MobiSys.

The challenge: Constant service availability
More than 177,100 customers have access to around 2,930 reliable cars in all regions of Switzerland and around 200 scooters in Zurich. About 2.6 million reservations a year being processed automatically demands flawless logistics and coordination. It would be an impossible task without an intelligent, efficient and extremely reliable software solution.

The advanced cloud solution: MobiSys

As a cloud solution, MobiSys uses the most advanced model for the provision of business software processes over the Internet. These processes encompass customer management, geo-regions, vehicle fleets, contracts, flexible price models and payment systems.


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