MobiSys for Twizy Way by Renault

The challenge

With its ultra-compact size and electric engine, Renault Twizy is perfect for urban driving. Renault Twizy is a car of character with a resolutely modern design; open bodywork and gull wing doors. In the same open-minded spirit Twizy Way adopts the free-floating principle: the vehicles are parked within a pre-defined zone where they can be picked up and driven spontaneously. In this concept, vehicles do not have allocated parking lots, hence they can be picked up and parked anywhere within the geo-region. Being able to end your journey whereever you want is a real revolution and step forward in mobility.

The operation of a free-floating car requires reliable technology that provides access to the service around the clock. For customers, Twizy Way was planned to be extremely user-friendly and offer multiple options to hire Renault Twizy. For Renault as operator, complex business processes needed to be designed as effective as possible. Overall, Renault was looking for the right technology that offered simple access for customers and a powerful tool for its operations team. The development of an own solution was soon to be dismissed, due to the fact that it would take too long to be realised. Jean-Marc Rives, IT project manager of Twizy Way, explained "The time frame for the project (6 months) was not compatible with an home made solution."

The solution

Renault evaluated several solutions and opted for Mobility International as software supplier and Invers as on-board hardware supplier. The goal was to combine the best solutions on the market. Mobility International's software "MobiSys" offers complete functionalities for carsharing.

The development of the software is based on 25 years of experiences of its mother company Mobility Cooperative, the Swiss carsharing operator. The combination of a sophisticated software and invaluable business experiences convinced Jean-Marc: "We felt that we would profit from the rich carsharing know-how of Mobility by working with Mobility International."

Implementing a new business like Twizy Way has been a great challenge for the project team of Renault. In this situation MobiSys provided confidence: the software turned out to be richer than the scope Renault's team imagined before. Therefore, the team knew that MobiSys would cover all their current needs, but they also knew that it would cover not yet known or formulated needs.

When Renault launched Twizy Way after six months of preparation and the New Mobility team took up operation, MobiSys proved to be the right choice. Jean-Marc summarises "At first sight MobiSys seems complicated because you might be overwhelmed seeing innumerous functionalities. But once you get into it, the software turns out to be very logic and powerful. Today we master it well - only after having 4 days of training!"