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Frequently Asked Questions about MobiSys...
I am in the process of defining all the different business rules for my future carsharing operation and I am looking for a solution that can support me in all possible and impossible operational tasks. How can MobiSys help me?
MobiSys covers the entire list of tasks you have to fulfill as a carsharing operator. Fleet management, call centre, damages, invoices, customer service, field service, contracts, marketing, you name it, it is all included. The systems' workflows that keep the operation going are the result of many years of experience with one of the most successful carsharing operators Mobility car sharing Switzerland and various others globally.
What if I am not sure if I need all those tasks and if I don’t understand how to set this up? MobiSys cannot advise me, it’s a software after all!?
That is correct, but we can! As a “sister” of Mobility car sharing Switzerland, Mobility Systems + Services has made in depth and up-close experience with a carsharing operator’s business and looks at a carsharing operator’s success from the technological, the financial and the usability perspective. Intense workshops, trainings and guidance is the service you get along with MobiSys.
I would like to offer station-based carsharing and free floating later on, can MobiSys support this?
MobiSys supports both the station-based and the free-floating model. However, you will have to have two different system setups as both models require very different business rules to be defined in MobiSys. At the same time, you will want to target different customers and assign different vehicles to the different models.
Is it possible for the carsharing user to register a repeating reservation?
Yes, repeating reservations are possible by using a reservation template or a making a serial reservation.
What features does your app support?
Your carsharing customer can handle her or his reservations – activate, edit, change, cancel, end a trip in advance - from the app. A call button provides direct access to your call centre and a feedback button offers the possibility to give direct feedback and improve the customer satisfaction. A map is included in the app showing all stations and it’s possible to safe favorite stations. By shaking the smartphone, the app will show vehicles available at the favorite stations. If there is no favorite station selected, the closest station with available vehicles will be shown. Of course, the app can also connect to your calendar.
Where can a carsharing user see his invoices?
A carsharing user can find his billing history behind his login on the customer portal. On top of that, MobiSys sends the invoices by email or post. This is a scheduled automatic process.
How does MobiSys handle different prices for different contracts or subscriptions?
Pricing is a part that really helps a carsharing operator to steer the usage of the fleet. As a consequence, MobiSys offers a high degree of flexibility in that area. It is possible to charge the usage of a vehicle per any counting unit you may think of, so you can price any specific time of the day or the week differently. Also, it is possible to have different vehicle categories with different prices and offer a different price to specific user groups. A certain subscription can include a certain number of kilometers and you can even scale your prices if you wish.
Is it possible that one person has different type of contracts, for instance one for business and one for leisure?
Yes, of course. The business that this person is related to will have a contract that for instance includes all its personnel. At the same time, the carsharing user may have a private contract for its leisure time.
Is it possible to have a specific group of carsharing users use their “own” cars? Can those reserve the cars at a different rate?
Yes, you can create closed user groups in MobiSys and only show their vehicles to them and nobody else. They can have a user group-specific pricing.
What happens when all vehicles have been reserved at the chosen station and time?
MobiSys will look at the nearby stations and suggest an alternative vehicle elsewhere or an alternative time for the reservation at the preferred station.
I would like to offer scooter sharing, can MobiSys also support this?
MobiSys can support you in administering any rental (moving) object. It is more a matter of changing some parameters in the background and setup the specific rental object needs, but the main job, namely taking care of the entire operational workflow and the reservations, will be similar or the same. That is why we generally like to refer to “rental objects” instead of vehicles.
Can MobiSys remind me when the vehicle needs a service?
MobiSys will use as much information as possible to support your business.
MobiSys takes care of the entire lifecycle of the rental object. The workflow that drives MobiSys’s activity management, will for instance remind you of service date and content, maintenance needs or expiry date of a guarantee.
In case you have an On Board Unit installed in the vehicle, you can monitor the mileage or kilometers driven in total or per reservation and you can see the up-to-date petrol level or when a petrol card has been used for the last time – if the On Board Unit carries a petrol card.
The entire history of all repairs, services or damages is kept in MobiSys. As a consequence, you are able to monitor the TCO down to a highly detailed level.
How can I control the usage data and what kind of reports can I pull from MobiSys?
Basically all information the system contains can be used for reporting. A business intelligence tool creates a data cube and pulls information from MobiSys, separated by focus teams. All data elements work on the same basis which results in a high degree of comparability over all focus teams.
How often may I invoice my carsharing user when I am supported by MobiSys?
The invoicing frequency may be chosen freely and it may also be a simple automatic process.
What type of invoicing is possible when I use MobiSys?
Any type of invoicing is possible: credit card, direct debit, pay on invoice. However, this is highly depending on your payment service provider and your accounting system.
Does MobiSys handle all my accounting?
No, the accounting is handled by your standard accounting system. MobiSys delivers all information needed to invoice your carsharing users. The exchange of information regarding both accounts payable and accounts receivables is secured by an application portal interface.