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Who we are

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We are carsharing and fleet management specialists from Switzerland

Welcome to Mobility Systems + Services. We're the premier carsharing and fleet management specialists from Switzerland, providing end-to-end software solutions and business consultancy.

Marcel Amstutz (CEO)

We are driven by Swiss efficiency

Based in Switzerland, we are driven by our commitment to quality and efficiency. And having been in the business for over 25 years, we have an established track record in providing know-how to the carsharing and fleet management business.

We’re already the technology provider for Mobility Car Sharing, the market leading carsharing service in Switzerland. Now we want to help and support you in the success of your business.

Wherever growth takes you, we’re in the passenger seat.

Andrea von Rotz-Corona, Application Manager
Cara Healey, IT Support
Jonas Nissen, Software Development
Josef Willi, Operations Manager
Konrad Dambeck, IT Service Manager
Lena Leppert, Lead Software Development and Support
Marcel Amstutz, CEO
Monika Kull, Project Manager
Peter Hofmann, IT System Administrator
Robin Simon, Inspire Developer
Sophie Peggs, Head of Sales
Thomas Purtschert, Head of IT Services
Peter Hofmann, IT System Administrator

Our customers are similar to us: they're business people who want the best