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Global megatrends and shorter-term lifestyle trends mean that the future of the mobility market is looking bright. Urbanisation combined with sustainability means that more people are living in cities, looking for convenient, sustainable and affordable ways of getting around.

Two users sharing a car.
Mobility Management

Car ownership is losing its status, but there remains a need for mobility. With connectivity and sharing services on the up, markets continue to converge. In line with these developments, the boundaries between corporate fleet, travel and expenses dissolve into one single area of "mobility management."

Cara Healey (IT Support)

True mobility is not a one-way street. We care about your needs and aspirations. And we'll find a tailor-made solution for your business.

Pictogram of two driving cars.

In future, mobility may become as free-flowing and ownership-independent as the telecoms market, with numerous new players entering this attractive business.

Award for 25 years of experience.

We stand alone, having operated in the field of car-sharing for over 25 years. Over the years we've used our experience to refine and improve our software and services to provide a strong foundation for successful carsharing and fleet management.